Free street photography ebook

Have you ever dreamt of adventuring in street photography? I know I did and still am, but never really knew where to start and my envy wasn't strong enough to justify buying a book or ebook about the subject. Well I found today something to get me started in street photography, a free ebook by Chris Weeks available for download Via | ...

Adobe Photoshop Elements now can do layer masks

Most of us got Adobe Photoshop Elements free with our cameras, and then we rush and buy the full Adobe Photoshop CS2 because we feel that Adobe Photoshop elements lacks some features like layer masks. Today and thanks to Elements Tools you will soon be able to have several features missing in Adobe Photoshop elements. Via | DSLR Blog

Canon EOS 30D or 400D – Summary –

One of the hottest subject currently on DPreview, and probably other photography forums. Whether you already own a Canon DSLR and you want a new one, or you are just about to make the plunge, or even if you just bought the new 30D a few weeks ago you are surely wondering about the all new Canon EOS 400D that ...

Game : Try to shoot superman

A promotion for Superman the movie, the game isn't very tough but if you like photography it is kind of amuzing :) Play it here

Photoshop Tutorial: Natural looking fur and hair

This really cool photoshop tutorial teaches us to draw natural looking hair and beard in just a few simple steps Full tutorial here