Canon EOS 30D or 400D – Summary –

One of the hottest subject currently on DPreview, and probably other photography forums. Whether you already own a Canon DSLR and you want a new one, or you are just about to make the plunge, or even if you just bought the new 30D a few weeks ago you are surely wondering about the all new Canon EOS 400D that was recently announced

After extensive reading of my posts, I am trying to summarize for you the advantages and disadvantages of each of the xxD models and the famous 400D.

Please note that I build the list from various posts that I read on DP-Review and this is not my personal opinion, if you have anything to add to this list please feel free to leave a comment.

Canon EOS 400D
1) More megapixels:
The Canon EOS 400D offers 10 megapixels against 6 for the Canon EOS 10D and 8 for the Canon EOS 20D and 30D. The main advantage of these megapixels is, obviously, more ability to crop and bigger printing size
2) Dust removal:
The Canon EOS 400D is the FIRST Canon digital camera that is armed with the EOS Integrated Cleaning System that can clean the sensor from dust
3) Smaller and Lighter:
This is a highly debatable point, but it seems that for many the fact of the Canon EOS 400D is lighter and smaller makes it an advantage
4) Has the new Canon “standards”:
The Canon EOS 400D inherits the 2.5inch LCD and the RGB histogram from the Canon EOS 30D

1) No PC Sync:
The Canon EOS 400D doesn’t support Canon’s WFT-E1/E1A wired/wireless transmitter
2) New/smaller capacity batteries
The Canon EOS 400D uses the NB-2LH battery pack that, depending on the manual, should take approx. 500 shots flash off
3) No top LCD status screen
4) No Control wheel

Canon EOS xxD
1) Longer shutter life
The shutter life of the 400D is in the 35,000 50,000 actuations range, the 20D is in the 70,000 100,000 actuations range and the 30D is in the 100,000 actuations range
2) Better ergonomics
To be honest, at least for me, it is hard to beat the xxD ergonomics with its control wheel and joystick
3) Better build
Although not weather sealed, the xxD series build quality is excellentalloy where as the Canon EOS400D is plastic build and thus lighter
4) Spot meter
The spot meter, although only found on the Canon EOS 30D is a great advantage for the xxD series over the 400D
5) Better Viewfinder
The Canon EOS xxd Series viewfinder is bigger than the Canon EOS 400D
6) Better noise level
Although fiercly debated, some do think that the noise level at high ISO of the xxD series will still be better than the Canon EOS 400D
7) Faster fps
Both the Canon EOS 20D and the Canon EOS 30D can acheive up to 5 frames per second in continious shooting mode as for the speed of the Canon EOS 400D is limited to 3fps

Really hard to get a conclusion from all that, but my best guess is that if you currently own a Canon EOS 3xxD and happy with itmeaning you don’t feel its limitations or just about to make the jump into the DSLR world as an amateuraren’t we all then probabely the 400D is a great choice for you.

But If you currently own a Canon EOS 10D or 20D I think it might be safer to upgrade to the Canon EOS 30D or just wait for the 40D

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