Canon EOS 400D reviewed by 300D/350D owners

While the Canon EOS 400D is hitting the market, many are thinking of either upgrading their Canon EOS 300D/350D or just making the final jump in the DSLR world. But what to buy the new Canon EOS 400D or the Canon EOS 30D ?

This article is a summary of threads and mini reviews written by new Canon EOS 400D/xti owners most of them previously owning Canon EOS 300D or 350D.

***Disclaimer*** I don’t own a Canon EOS 400D all that is written is taken from stuff I read on internet forums

What Canon EOS 300D owners seems to like
1) The instantanous wake-up of the Canon EOS 400D
2) The buffer
3) Faster picture transfer: I don’t know why but a previous Canon EOS 300D owners claims that the 400D can transfer pictures almost 4x faster

What Canon EOS 300D/350D owners seems to like
1) The big LCD: 2.8inch LCD sure is something
2) ISO in viewfinder: I have it on my Canon EOS 30D, don’t use it much though
3) The LCD is quite usable even in broad daylight: 2 reviewers pointed out that they were pleasantly surprised to notice that the LCD is usable even on sunny days
4) Better Auto Focus: Mainly while trying the auto focus to track a moving object. I think this was expected since the 400D Auto Focus system is the same that the one of the Canon EOS 5d and the Canon EOS 30D

4) Better ergonomics: Here I was also surprised, but almost every reviewer said that the new Canon EOS 400D is much better than the previous design
5) Battery performance: Here there is also something I’m missing, I thought that the Canon EOS 400D had different batteries than the Canon EOS 350D, but a reviewer claims to test his Canon EOS 400D on a half charger Canon EOS 350D and that the battery lasted the whole day.
6)The dust shaker: Imagine someone already tried that 🙂 It seems a new Canon 400D owner had a dust spot directly out of the box and the new autocleaning features worked perfectly for him
Contraversial Issues
1) Noise level: New Canon 400D owners are divided on that one, where some claims that the Canon EOS 400D is as good as, if not slightly better, in noise performance than its predecessor the Canon EOS 350D. Others seems to find that the Canon EOS 400D is noisier and are atributing this additional noise to the new 10 megapixels processor
2) 1/2 stop less sensitive: A review claims that his Canon EOS 400D is 1/2 stop less sensitive than his old Canon 350D. I know this seems absurd, but I have experienced the same thing myself when I upgraded from my Canon EOS 10D to the Canon EOS 30D. But it was just that my Canon EOS 10D lightmeter is “hotter” than the one of my Canon EOS 30D. So at the end the Canon EOS 30D lightmeter was more accurate, could it be the same thing here?
Compared side by side to a 30D
Two reviewersone owning a Canon EOS 300D and the other Canon EOS 10D compared, in a store side-by-side, the Canon EOS 400D to the Canon EOS 30D and both reached the conclusion that the Canon EOS 30D worth the $300 difference.
Main advantages for them of the Canon EOS 30D
– Bigger: I know many people will buy the Canon EOS 400D just because it is smaller but…
– Viewfinder: It seems that the viewfinder of the Canon EOS 30D is brighter and bigger
– 5 fps capability
The Canon EOS 400D however seems to win when it comes to the facility of changing ISO, AF, and White balance settings

Just wondering why no one brought up the advantages of the RGB histogram …
Hope this helps

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