DIY Flash bounce card and a soft box

Today I was feeling like getting my hands dirty, so I went on surfing the net for some Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, and instead of just one I found 2 very promising projects

ABetterBounceCard As I understood it, the creator of ABetterBounceCard do sell this product as a kit, but he is also offering on his site a 2 parts video tutorial on how to build this Camera Flash Bounce Card yourself for almost free. In fact, I found this video quite interesting since I was able to learn some new stuff about Flash photography from it but this might only be because I’m a total newbie to Flash Photography.

Home made softbox I have always been taken by the beauty of portraits that were taken with softboxes, to be honest I have never seen a softbox in my life. When I found this tutorial through DSLRBlog the idea of being able to test one, even tho a home made non professional one, was quite exciting for me, I haven’t had to time to build one myself, but should be doing so soon and hope to be able to provide some feedback about its performance.

  • Lance Delo

    Hello, Lumiquest (I believe it is) makes a mini-softbox that folds flat into the size of a thickish envelope, but smaller than letter size. The thing is made of a soft, folkdable/resilient plastic that is black on the outside and white/reflective on the inside, with an opaque “window” for the flash to fire through. It attaches to the flash with self-adhesive hook and loop material strips. The female (loop) side attaches to the flash, and the softbox attaches to the hook and loop material. The nice thing about the mini-softbox is that it takes up almost no space and weighs almost nothing, so that like the Stoffen it is a great addition to one’s travel (etc) kit

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