Google Maps for photographers

John Williams created a community where us, photographers, can share,find and provide details about our favorite photography places such as landscapes, panoramas, wildlife, wildflowers, waterfalls, cityscapes, canyons etc…

Admit it is a pretty good idea that can interrest professional photographers, amateur photographer and toursits alike.

As both a technology geek and a photographer I’d like to thank John for this outstanding idea 🙂

You can join the comunity here OutdoorPhotoOp

  • Hi Antoine,

    I was reviewing the usage statistics for OutdoorPhotoOp and saw that I was getting referrals from your blog. Thank you very much for the mention!! Hopefully it will build into a resource for all of us.

    I was looking at your websites, and saw that you were from Lebanon? If so, first I am very sorry for what your country has gone through recently. Second, would you be interested in adding a location from there? It would be great to get some locations from outside North America. I’d be happy to help in any way I can.

    Regardless, thanks again,


  • Hi John, I’m one of those people who went to your site from your this blog. I even added something in my google earth program for your site and linked to your site from my blog :

    Recently it looked like your site isn’t working. Is it just me, or will it be up again soon?

    You have a great (however incomplete) site. There’s no Yosemite, CA there even! But it’s great and I hope it grows with amazing places all over the world – Bayrut included! 🙂 I know Lebanon (and Israel) has been through a lot. It’s a shame what hesbolla is doing. How are things in your area, Antoine?