Free Photography Release Forms Templates

I recently happened to need a photography model release form to make it sign to someone. So here I was on the net searching and looking for such photography forms and I ended up by findind a few.

*Microsoft offers one photography release form as a word template and can be found here
*I have converted this photography release form to PDF format just for all those out there who doesn’t want it in word format, you can get it here
*Alamystock photography has both a model release form and a property release form.
*Photographymags also has two forms available with ready made headers for Practical Photogarphy and Digital Photo.

*Editorial Photographers also put in our disposition a collection of release forms in English, French and Japanese

  • Amie

    Thank you for this! It’s very helpful for those just starting out.

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  • Ben

    Thanks for posting this information. I have been looking for model release forms in Japanese for photo walks and competitions. Unfortunately the Editorial Photographers sight requires a $25/$50 subscription fee to get access to them.

  • Thank you so very much! I have a job tomorrow and completely forgot about one of the most important factors…get a photo release signed. Again, thanks

  • Kasper

    Does anyone have a backup of the forms from the photographymags website because they’re offline.

  • Thanks for the information. Havnt needed the forms yet but will keep it in the books for future reference. Cheers and thanks again.

    • Iamateacher65

      so how do you cover the wedding party if there are children involved?

  • does anyone know where i can get a Swedish model/property release form . I have recently moved to Sweden and am having trouble finding swedish language forms.

  • MC

    Does anyone have a release form for album artwork? I want to be able to eventually receive royalties but the musician is just starting out and is paying very little for the photoshoot. HELP

  • does anyone have a template of a release form for me to give to someone to grant permission for them to have prints made of the photos i shoot?

  • Scattershot

    Thank you for this!

  • Gomez, Tasha

    go here its pre dine forms for beginners, making your own can be tricky.

  • photographic processes refers to the traditional manner of developing film, digital cameras and printers also allow for another avenue in film development.

  • Thank you! Very helpful!

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  • Sheri

    Thank you for posting these! Very usefull for me!

  • Lkwddude

    Thanks for this.  Very helpful.  Question though.  I'm just starting out, so I was wondering if you're doing wedding photography, is it necessary to have everyone in the shots sign one of these forms.  Seems a bit awkward, but if their image appears on my website, can't they sue me?

  • Xx-charlotte-elizabeth-xx

    Thank you so much you have just made starting out for me sooo much easier 🙂 x

  • Excellent. These are a great help. I’ve been looking for model release forms for photographs to accompany trade magazine articles that I write.

  • Friendlysavage

    Thank you!

  • Jessica Gamez

    Word doc was perfect!  Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Kvgranados

    i need help making a photo release form, can you post one?

  • Kvgranados

    need help building a photo release form.. do you have one?

  • Www Jamiec

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  • needform

    thanks man..ur awesome.. great work..

  • needform

    thanks man..ur awesome.. great work..

  • Imsdahl

    Thank you! We, too, are just starting out and so glad we found this in our first internet search for the form! This is so appreciated!

  • Yogimathewgold


  • Mie2000

    where are the forms?

    • Sallysue

      There was only an ad when I went there, is that what you received?

  • Sallysue

    This just takes me to commercial ad, no forms here at all, is this spam?