Google launch Picasa 2.5 -My thoughts-

I’ve been a google lover for a long time, and this love only increased when they bought Picasa.

I use Picasa to catalogue, search and view more than 50,000 picture and have been using the beta of version 2.5 for quite some time and I honestly think it has improved.

What I like:

* New View option: I can now see in Picasa the actual folder structure of my computer
* Geotaging: Picasa can use Google Earth to geotag your pictures
* Canon 30D support: The basic reason why I’ve been using the beta version 🙂
* Experimental: the new Picasa has some experimental features, and in there you can now search for you Red, Orange, Blue, BW etc… pictures and guess what? It works 🙂 I simply can’t wait till picasa includes that promissed feature of “search for: Flower” and you will have all pictures will flowers poping up (and yes WITHOUT tagging)

What I don’t care:
* Picasa web: sorry guys but still A LOT to do before reaching flickr

What I’m still missing:
* EXIF info: Come on google, if you are reading this please we need/want picasa to be able to export from RAW with EXIF info you are forcing me to use another software just for that.

Via | Google blog

  • I just updated to Picasa 2.5 and I think it really has improved (I think even the Fill Light feature causes less noise than before) I want to point out that to use the geo tagging, google video upload, and color search, you need to use the tools menu.