Feeling fat? Buy HP Photosmart

Come one honestly 🙂 HP is now including with its digital camera a digital sliming effect hehehe

You don’t beleive me? you think I am kidding check this

This flash movie is take out of HP websiteOf course HP hold the copyright of this video etc…, I think I found another reason to buy a Point and Shoot digital cam to my wife 😉

  • John

    Should sell well to the over 30 single crowd looking to get good snaps for Match.Com. I can see young children using this and then adjusting themselves so they can look like are told they need to. I wonder if it works in reverse so the too thin daughter can send pictures home to mom and dad to show she is eating enough while she is off to collage.

  • Whoa – this is hilarious!

  • I hope your wife is not reading your blog ! 🙂