DIY 4 Channels Wireless Camera Remote for Canon

Here is a tutorial on how to build a 4 channels wireless remote control for you Canon EOS camera.
The total cost of this project is around $50.

All needed materials can easily be found at ebay and radioshack

$30 – Wired Remote Switch that has a 2.5mm jack at the bottom
Can be found at Nova Photo & Electronics on ebay.

$15 – 4 Channel Remote Switch
Here is an ebay link to an ended item just to know what we are talking about.

$4 – 1/4″ Mono female jack
Can be found at Radioshack

$0 – 2.5mm male plug with wire
Take it out of any headset
it looks like this

Final assemble piece

Bottom of the remote switch

Final setup

You end up with a wired remote control for bulb exposures and a 4 channel wireless too that can trigger not only your camera but also your flash 😉

This DIY Project was created and posted by kiwik67 and originaly posted at dpreview