Photoshop Action: Boost saturation without affecting skin tones

There is a tremendous amount of adobe photoshop actions out there to give the velvia saturation, these photoshop actions are great for landscape pictures and for pictures that do not contain people.

However, when the picture involves people in it, boosting the saturation becomes much more tricky because of the skin tones.

Here is an adobe photoshop action, written by Alessandro Di Sciascio, that will boost the color saturation in a picture using the LAB mode while protecting the skin colors

Here are some examples (click for full size pictures)

This Zip file actually contains two adobe photoshop actions that saturates colors in LAB mode, one that saturates the whole pictures and the other protects the skin colors by isolating them. Both operate on a separate layer at 60% opacity, giving you considerable control of the final look.

  • Jay

    Where is the download?