Photoshop Tutorial: another Dragan like appraoch

Two week ago I was writing about an adobe photoshop tutorial video on how to achieve Andrzej Dragan portrait look.
Today I found an adobe photoshop tutorial, with a psd file to illustrate it, about a different a different approach to accomplish this look.

The technique itself can be summarized in 4 steps
Step 1
a. Copy the background layer and set the blending mode of the new layer to “soft light”
b. Apply shadow/highlight on that layer

Step 2
a. Go to your Channels patlette
b. Select the blue channel (CTRL+3) -windows-
c. Select all (CTRL+A) and copy the selection (CTRL+C) -windows-
d. Select the RGB channel (CTRL+~) -windows-
e. Go back to the layer patlette and paste the just copied layer (CTRL+V) -windows-
f. Set the blending mode of this layer to multiply
e. Dodge and burne to accentuate wrinkles and shadows

Step 3
a. Aplly a highpass filter on the blue channel layer we just worked on to strenghten light (wrinkles and shadows)

Step 4
a. Flattern image
b. Sharpen usin smart sharpening

This basic steps of this tutorial where written by Stjepan and the psd file to illustrate those steps can be found here (7MB file)

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  • terry

    Nice..funny how everyone is trying to copy this effect when it’s only part of the equation, and not even the most important part, but great job in simplifying.