You know HDR, discover HDTR…

I think we all know that we can use the beauty of digital photography to overcome many of our camera’s shortcomings.
Many of us can’t afford, or don’t need, a panoramic camera but for those who still love to shoot panoramic images, we know we can just take overlapping images of the scene and stitch them afterwards.
If investing in a Neutral Density Graduated filter is too much and we still want to take successfully images of wide dynamic range scenes, we know we can just take multiple pictures each exposed for a different part of the scene and then merge them in the digital dark room (this process is called HDR – High Dynamic Range -).
Although I’ve been a photography lover for about 4 years and, I must admit, this is the first time I hear about HDTR (High Dynamic Time Range).

The idea is quite simple, when you think about it, but ingenious.
Just take a panoramic image but at different time of the day and end up with a masterpiece like this one

For more info and tutorial go to HDTR website.