Who will kill adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has been for very long the undisputed master in the photo retouching world. In a recent survey conducted early this year by Novel, adobe photoshop was found to be the most demanded application not available on linux platform.

This lack of availability has pushed many linux defenders to work and develop very ambitious photo processing applications.

Some of those application are so rich that their users and fans are beginning to aspire to dethrone Adobe Photoshop from its leading position.
Recently, a blogger reached the top of digg for his article “GIMP v/s Photoshop“, and today we are about to witness the birth of another photoshop killer application Pixel.

If GIMP and GIMPShop are very popular and free open source softwares. Pixel seems to have bigger dreams, it is targeting a more professional audience by supporting CMYK colors and is expected to be sold for $79 once released.

source | tectonic