Best 18 Pictures of Year 2005

For those of you who liked Best 15 National Geographic pictures of 2005 2006 and amazing high speed photography here are, what they say to be, the best 18 pictures of the year 2005. Is it true? I honestly don't know but hey, who cares! they sure worth looking at.

Left eyed or right eyed?

For a long time I thought I was weird to be right handed and left eyed, but I've been reading polls in photography forums, and it seems I'm not the only left eyed photographer after all :D what about you?

See the Canon EF 100 400 L IS pump action

Recently I have built a FAQ for the Canon EF 100 400 L IS and in one of the answers I brought up the subject that the push/pull zoom of the Canon EF 100 400 L IS sucks the dust right into the sensor. I got some emails from owners confirming that they have had no dust problem with that lens ...

What is so good and what is not about picasa

Picasa is a very popular and free photo organizer software from the internet giant google. I have been using it for about 2 years now to organize and keep track of over 50.000 pictures laying on my hard disk in digital format. So why what is it that I love so much in Picasa over the other thousands of photo organizing ...

Canon EOS batch file renamer

Introduction Most of Canon EOS DSLR will not let you easily know the number of your camera's shutter actuationsonly a visit to canon's service center can reveal the actual number, for this reason most of these DSLR owners will rely on the camera's file numbering to track the number of shots taken with their camera. However this method has it pitfalls, Canon ...