Free photoshop template for lighting setup diagrams

Here is a free adobe photoshop template for everyone who would like to be able to draw photography lighting setup diagrams to help me learn more about light 🙂 or for any other reason

this is how to use it

1) Download file (size 200k)
2) Unarchive the Zip file
3) Open the adobe Photoshop file: LightingSetup.psd. (size 500k)
4) The file defaults with a Background, Subject and 35mm Camera.
5) To view (add) an item, open the appropriate folder and click on the item (as seen below). You click on the “eye” icon to make it visible or to hide it.
6) Move and rotate into place.
7) Save a copy of your finished setup. Don’t save over original file (for future use).

This diagram was done by Kevin Kertz and to download the template please go to this fredmiranda link.

via | Strobist