Pocket PC for Photographers

I have decided to make a list of Pocket PC softwares that can be useful for photographers and can of used for all of us in the field.

I will start by a classic that I always keep installed on my Pocket PC and use often specially in tricky lighting conditions when I am not sure I can rely on my camera’s light meter.

Expose 1.0

Expose is a free automated exposure guide for photographers that computes recommended exposures given film speed, filter being used, type of film, and scene illumination level. It can operate in either aperture or shutter priority mode and it incorporates a knowledge of the proper exposure for many different lighting situations, including corrections for filters and film reciprocity failure. The filter, film and scene databases are customizable.
Download Expose 1.0 or visit its web page at Jonathan Sachs website
Depth of Field Calculators

There are 2 Depth of Field calculators for Pocket PC that I know about the first of is also from Jonathan Sachs and is called DOF 1.0 it is a free program for photographers that computes the depth of field for a lens given its focal length, f stop, focus distance and the desired resolution at the film plane. It reports the near and far focus limits as well as the hyperfocal distance. DOF 1.0 can be downloaded here.

The second Depth of Field calculator is also free and much newer than DOF 1.0, it is called Talbot.DOF.CE.
Talbot.DOF has also a windows 2000/xp version but the thing that it is still missing, in my opinion, is the teleconverter field that can be found if DOF 1.0

The final piece of software is also from Jonathan Sachs and is called Ephemeris 1.0, it is free and computes the phase of the moon and the times and azimuths of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset for any location and date. It can also display a table of sun and moon positions for a given day at 15 minute intervals. This program can be very handy if you need to plan your next moon shot.

All Programs from Jonathan Sachs were originally discussed at Luminous Landscape

  • Ariel Lepor

    The Exposure Guide is great!!! I don’t currently have use for the DOF calculators. The one I downloaded doesn’t have enough camera choices. This is a great DOF calculator website.

  • Thanks Ariel, dofmaster is indeed a wonderful site

  • hal jonestone

    please make night vision app and infrared camera and night camera for pocket pc and windows mobile phones like iphone have please make any camera green filter effect for windows mobile phones.please

  • Alma moslee

    please make camera effect software for pocket pc and dark room vision camera like old nokia phones have

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