Photoshop tutorial: Get rid of those power lines

Don’t you just hate it when it happens? You have that great landscape, beautiful sunset colors but no matter how you move your camera you still have those power lines right in your frame.
Does it mean you have to miss that shot? Of course not. Well here is a very easy photoshop tutorial to quickly get rid of them.

1. Open your picture in Adobe Photoshop
2. Create two copies of your background layer
3. Reduce the opacity of “Background copy 2” layer to 50%
4. Select “Background copy” layer and use the move tool (V) and shift that layer down by using the down arrowNote that in other pics you might have to move the layer diagonally, depending on the position of what you want to remove
You should now have something close to this

6. Get back the opacity of “Background copy 2” layer to 100%You shouldn’t be seeing any more duplicate image
5. Add a mask to the “Background copy 2” layer
6. Select a soft brush at 100% opacity with an appropriate width
7. Paint on that mask in black the power lines

And voila, here is your end product 🙂

The original picture of this tutorial was posted on DPReview for help by luuluudave and he is the copyright holder of this picture.
This method was posted on the above stated thread by Peano

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