Firefox and IE Extensions for photographers

Sometimes you get used so much to a tool or application installed on your computer that you don’t realize anymore that it is an add-on until you miss it.
This is what happened to me when i tried to use my newly formated PC just to noticed that firefox is no more showing me the EXIF data of the pictures.
So I thought I’d just share with you this great Firefox extension just in case you don’t already have it installed

Here are two Firefox extensions that will allow you to see the EXIF data of any picture right from your internet browser, just by right click properties on any picture.
FxIF: Firefox ExIF is written entirely in javascript, and as such should be portable to all platforms that Mozilla runs on.

and here is another one that should also work on Internet Explorerdidn’t tested it though
Opanda IExif: “Opanda IExif is a professional Exif viewer in Windows / IE / Firefox, From a photographer’s eye, It displays the image taken from digital camera and every item of EXIF data in the image from beginning to end”