Chance to win a rebate on your amazon order

Christmas is coming closer, Canon double fall rebates started so everything is pointing out that IT’S SHOPPING TIME, so I expect that everyone will be rushing out and spend some money.
I have also recently added to adidap an amazon astore and the amazon search box in the upper right side of your screen to help support my site.
So what is the deal?
1) Buy from amazon through adidap astore or by using the amazon search box that is on the right side bar
2) Forward a copy of your Amazon Order Summary to astore[at]

And you will be entered in the draw, on Sunday November 26th I will randomly pick one of the emails I got and the owner of the email will receive an amazon gift certificate with a 4% value of his/her order totalShipping not included.

Should this experiment proves to be a success I might consider doing it on monthly basis.