How to clean your camera sensor

Dust sensor, or dust bunnies, is, for most photographers, the most feared aspect of digital photography. Everyone hates to see those dust spots on their images.
Luckily cleaning the sensor is not hard if you just know what you are doing.

Here are a few methods to clean you digital camera sensor
1 – The Canon’s preferred method for digital sensor cleaning – The Blower

Canon recommend using a blower, Giottos Rocket Air Blaster is one of the most praised blowers. Make sure to keep the tip of the blower away from the sensor.

* Pros – Zero possibility of damaging sensor.
* Cons – Doesn’t work very well specially for sticky dust.

Note: Do not use any sort of “canned air”.

2- The famous copperhill method
The first method that actually I heard of was the copperhill method which consists of swabbing your digital camera’s sensor with a lint free pec pads and eclipse

* Pros – It works well
* Cons – The first couple of times you do that you will sweat believe me. I read some posts when people claims to have damaged their sensors doing that, never had a problem tho.

3- Sensor Brush
If you are not too comfortable spilling liquid into your digital camera, then you might want to consider buying a sensor brush.

4- Cleaning by ionization
I have to admit that this method is new to me, I have just read about it and it seems quite interesting. The idea is to send ions on the digital camera’s AA Filter so that dust won’t be sticking anymore and then use the blower to remove all of that dust that was sticking. A step by step tutorial on how to do the Ionizer can be found here.

* Pros – Since you are not touching the sensor so there is no risk of scratching it.
* Cons – I have no idea if sending ions on the digital camera sensor might do, if you know please enlighten me.