Camera precaution AFTER shooting in cold weather

Winter is nearly here, temperature are on free fall many of us enjoy shooting outdoors in these cold conditions. Some likes to push the limits even further by shooting in extreme weather conditions like sub-zero temperatures.
Here is a very simple, yet effective tip, to protect your camera after you finish shooting in cold weatherI am not taking into consideration any prevention while shooting

If you just bring you digital camera to a warm heated room after being outside in the cold for quite some time, condensation will inevitably happen and you’ll see your a foggy film appear on and in the LCD and water droplets in various places on your camera.

Here are some easy steps to be taken to prevent this.
1) Put the camera and lens in a plastic bag while it is still outside. A large ziplock plastic bag is ideal, but if you can’t find one large enough to suit you camera then any plastic bag will do, just make sure to seal it as well as possible after emptying the bag from any extra air.

2) Bring the camera inside, while it is in the bag, try not to expose it to excessive heat source. And allow the camera to slowly warm up to room temperature before opening the bag.

What did we do? Well but putting your camera and sealing it, the condensation is most likely to form on the bag itself instead of on/in the camera and lens.