DIY: Pop-up flash diffuser

I have already discussed various techniques for a DIY bounce card for your camera external flash, but what if you haven’t yet invested in an external flash? what if all you have it that “travel light” party is the pop-up flash of your camera do you have to suffer the harsh frontal light?

Well fortunately here are two ways to diffuse the pop-up flash of the camera

1) You could simply invest in and buy a LumiQuest – Instant On-Camera Soft Screen Diffuser specially designed to for the built-in pop-up flash of many digital cameras and 35mm SLRs.

2) Or if you prefer the DIY option: get an old 35mm film case, white plastic, then cut in it an opening to fit your flash put that over the flash.

Buy your LumiQuest using the link above for a chance to win a rebate on your amazon order