What is so good and what is not about picasa

Picasa is a very popular and free photo organizer software from the internet giant google. I have been using it for about 2 years now to organize and keep track of over 50.000 pictures laying on my hard disk in digital format.
So why what is it that I love so much in Picasa over the other thousands of photo organizing softwares out there ? and what is the feature I miss the most in that great freeware.

If you ask many Picasa users what is it that they prefer in Picasa, I guess the answer would most probably be “It is free”. Well agreed, free is good but what I just LOVE about Picasa that I haven’t found in any of the softwares I tried so far is the killer combo
* Google powered search engine: What else would you expect from a software owned buy the most used search engine google than a lightning fast search. Honestly searching for any picture among the 50k + that I have is instantaneous. Add to that that google is currently experimenting an image recognition process to be included in Picasa. So hopefully you won’t even have to enter keywords in the future, by the way you can already ask the new Picasa to search for you “blue” pictures for example and it will dig out all pictures with a dominant blue color.
*No database to backup: And with that it simply can’t get better, Picasa doesn’t use a proprietary database to store all the keywords, descriptions etc… that you have entered, rather it simply creates a file inside the folder itself and put all that info there. So if you need to move all you pictures to another computer, all you have to do is… well move those pictures and re-install PicasaPicasa 🙂 nothing more.

Of course Picasa has a lot of other nice features
* Geo-tagging: The new one, for instance, will even let you geo-tagg your pictures with the help of google earth.
* Basic photo editing: Yes Picasa is no adobe photoshop, but if you need to quickly edit a pictureor more with just some basic enhancements, then Picasa is a killer, the “I’m feeling lucky” button works so well on some pictures that that might be all what you need. Moreover Picasa will allow you infinite numbers of undo over an unlimited period of time 🙂 Yes no matter how many changes you do, you will be able to go back to the original picture at anytime.

Unfortunately Picasa has one major drawback that hasn’t been fixed over the versions :(. Although it has RAW support for all major digital cameras, exporting from RAW to JPG will wipe off all the EXIF data from the resulting JPG file, at least this is the case with the Canon EOS 20D, 30D and 5D. I just wish someone from google engineering department will read this post and raise the issue.