Studio Portrait Lighting – A How To

Here is a tutorial showing how a professional photographer sets up the lights to make a studio portrait. All pictures in and text in this tutorial are copyrighted to Ben from SonShine Studio. This photography lighting tutorial is constituted of seven images. Five will show what each light does on its own, one will show all of the lights together, then the final ...

Photoshop Tutorial: Tip for refining the HDR mask

We have already seen in this HDR series of Adobe Photoshop tutorials: 1- How to achieve an HDR image using layers and layer masks 2- How to create a better mask for exposure blending using the threshold tool 3- How to create a better mask for exposure blending using the level tools I don't know ...

Tokina 10-17 fisheye hits the market

The new Tokina 10-17 Fisheye f/3.5-4.5 is finally available. This is the first ZOOM fisheye lens I hear about, and it is for digital cameras with a cropped sensor.

Photoshop Tutorial: Tips for creating HDR layer masks using levels

This is the third post in the adobe photoshop tutorial series: achieving HDR images using layers and layers mask. Yesterday we saw a better way to deal with steps 3 and 4 of how to achieve HDR images using layer masks in adobe photoshop using the threshold tool, today I am going to teach you an even more powerful and flexible ...

It is time to buy a new CF Card

Sandisk Ultra CF Cards are on rebates, get yours today before the offer ends. SanDisk 1GB Ultra II CompactFlash: $24.99 SanDisk 2GB Ultra II CompactFlash: $39.99