DIY lens hoods

Lens hoods are often neglected but are quite important. The main purpose of a lens hood is to prevent stray light from hitting the surface of the lens, and thereby causing flare, but a lens hood can also server for protection to your lens.
Unfortunately most lenses doesn’t ship with a hood, and hoods should be bought separately and are somehow expensive.
Well here is a way of getting all your hoods for free is offering free downloadable PDF files for a very vast collection of lenses including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina with even and option of a “build it yourself” hood.

Although these DIY lens hoods are useless as lens protection, they do have some benefits with the best one being that they are completely free.
Just a few others
* Ultra compact – can be carried unfolded.
* No waiting to order one – simply download, print, cut-out and attach.
* Redundancy – don’t worry if you lose one; just print another!
* 100% recyclable.
* Can be modified to cater for different digital SLR sensor crop factors.
* Available in both ’rounded’ and ‘petal’ versions.