Nikon D40 in less than 10 days

Nikon D40
Rumors are running very fast about the new Nikon D40 to be released, it seems, on November 16th. Expected to be smaller than the Nikon D50 and targeting the amateurs and newbie’s, the Nikon D4 0is really more of a downgrade. It is believed that it will have less feature than the Nikon D50 and a very competitive price. True or not well we will just have to wait and see, in the mean time here is some of the leaked so far.

The source of the leak is said to be a big camera store in Germany Neckermann who published all the details for a short period of time.
Feature list:
* Same sensor as the Nikon D50, CCD 6.1 megapixels.
* 2.5 inch LCD screen
* Smaller body than the Nikon D50: 94 x 126 x 64 mm 102 x 133 x 76 mm for the Nikon D50)
* Weight: 475 grams without the batteries620 grams for the Nikon D50
* RAW format available
* ISO speed up to 3200 in “pushed” mode, 1600 in normal mode
* SD card
* 3 point only autofocus system: a considerable drawback compared to the 5 points of the D50

Expected price: 599 euros with kit lens, a new zoom AF-S DX ED 18-55 f/3,5-5,6 G-II –

Source and more pictures at les numeriques