DIY: Ready beeper for Alien Bees strobes

If you have Alien Bees flash units, or any other photography studio light that have a ready lamp but doesn’t beep when it is charged and ready for that next shot, then you might be interested in that DIY project.

Shwan Boyle, a fellow photographer, is the author of this DIY project.

The components needed for this Alien Bees strobes ready beeper are quite easy to find, those are a photo resistor, a relay coupled to a 555 timer and a buzzer to beep for about a second when the ready lamp comes on and is powered with a 9v battery.

As you might have already guessed that circuit will sense the light of the “ready lamp” to initiate the beeping process. Very simple idea yet effective that can be used with many photography studio lights.

This is how the end product will look like

alien bees beeper

Get the Alien Beeper schematic

More pictures about the building process can be found at Shawn Boyle website.