Download your copy of Canon EOS 30D pocket guide today

If you are among the numerous people who liked Gordon’s Photography Cheat Sheet or all Canon lenses spreadsheet, than I am sure you will find this one useful too.
Many of us like to have a soft copy of our photography manuals even if we still have the original hard copy that shipped with the camera.
The Canon EOS 30D manual, for instance, can be downloaded from Canon’s website. But there is also a pocket guide that ships with the Canon EOS 30D and this one has no soft copy.

Well at least not official, my fellow photographer Steve Reeves took the time to scan the Canon EOS 30D pocket guide and kindly allowed me to host it.
It can be printed out on 2 A4 sheets as opposed to the leaflet style. For example you could print it out on one piece of A4 card both sides.
The file is a PDF as I say and 3.9Mb in size (zipped) – it’s 300 dpi for printing.

Download the Canon EOS 30D pocket guide

Alternate download location
and use the password 30dpocketguide to unzip it.

N.B.: if for any reason you are unable to download the file using the link above, please drop me a comment and I will quickly make it available again.

thanks again Steve

  • Ron

    All this site, Canon EOS 30D pocket guide, wants to do is sign you up for a paid service!

  • What paid service Ron? there is nothing paid, you can just download it, it is completely free

  • Hi there. haha. been missing some port of your. busy with my coming exam. You seems to get such an updated news. is there 350d cheat sheets?

  • Hi Stanley,
    Thanks a gain for dropping by 🙂 you know you can just subscribe to the newsletter and I will email you a weekly summary on the posts 😉
    Now regarding your other question, the Canon EOS 350D is one of the cameras included in Gordon’s cheat sheet pointed to above.

    Cheers and good luck for your exams

  • GMWW

    Does not download.