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If you really want to improve in photography there is no 2 roads, the main key is, of course, to practice. But when you can’t be taking picture and you have some free time you can still do something. Either study the pictures that makes you go WOW or take a photography book and read.

I’ve been searching the net for quite some time for good and freemy personal belief is that if a book is free then it written with passion photography ebooks I have already pointed out Free street photography ebook and Canon EOS Digital Photo ebook for professionals ebook well here is third one full of handy hints made with lots of nice examples.

Download your copy of Night photography ebook, file size 4.9 MB

  • Great! Except it’s not in an e-book format like for Microsoft reader. It’s in jpeg so you have to view it in an image viewer or online.

  • Subrata Dutta

    I want to downloading your free night photography ebook for my seminner of night photography.

  • razkoomar

    Its good to learn from ebook. thanx very much for posting such valuable matter

  • tomy

    good book to read