Top 10 missed features on the Canon EOS 5D

With the successor of the Canon EOS 5D expected to hit the market during the next PMA that will take place this coming February 2007 in Las Vegas, Polls and thread are popping around in all digital photography forums regarding the most missed features among the Canon EOS 5D owners or, if you prefer, the next generation wish list.

I spent some time reading those threads and I’ve computed the top 10 features listed here in no specific order

1. 100% viewfinder: I own a Canon EOS 30D and the firstI should say only time I had the chance to look into the EOS 5D viewfinder I went WOW this viewfinder is huge compared to my camera’s. Actually the viewfinder of the Canon EOS 5D has a coverage of about 96% but still owners would like to have a 100% viewfinder coverage.

2. Faster Frame Per Seconds: The Canon 5D is not the perfect sports shooter camera with a continuous shooting rate of only 3fps and a minimum rate of 5 fps was one of the most requested features.

3. Easier access to the Mirror Lock Up feature: This one might be unanimous, not only among Canon EOS 5D owners but all Canon digital shooters, in fact when the famous and highly criticized “Print Button” started to appear on Canon EOS DSLR bodies almost everyone was demanding to be able to reprogram it to quickly enable/disable Mirror Lockup.

4. Integrated Dust Cleaning System: Well I’m pretty sure this one is going to be granted, since this system started with the Canon EOS 400D, it is easy to conclude it will become a standard features from now on on all new generation bodies just like the 2.5 inch LCD.

5. Weather Sealing: Honestly I do understand this one, and would also love to have it on my EOS 30D, although I spent some money to buy that storm jacket of mine.

6. Auto ISO: It really sounds like a sensible thing to ask for, we should have Auto ISO in Av and Tv mode, Nikon did it I’m pretty sure Canon can also do it. However when I come to think about the noise level on some ISO settings in my EOS 30D it get me to think again if I’d really want this feature.

7. Dynamic Range improvement: 1 extra stop of Dynamic Range was very commonly asked for.

8. ISO 6400: Yes what else?

9. Better Auto Focus: Many requests regarding the AF system of the Canon EOS 5D were raised. Request for more Auto focus points, spreading of the auto focus points, cross type AF sensor on all horizontal AF points and eye controlled Auto focus.

10. Even more Megapixels: Many owners would love to see the next Canon EOS 5D at 16 Megapixels instead of the current 12.8 Megapixels

  • WOW! That is my summary. I purchased this a few months ago and have not put it down since. I have used many pro-summer bodies and wanted to step up to full frame w/o mortgaging the house. This camera is beyond what I expected. I have used it for portrait work, weddings & commercial work and it shines in all. This is a wonderful camera. The images are amazing.