Photoshop Tutorial: Straightening the horizon

Yesterday we discussed 6 Tips to avoid tilted images, the 6th and last tip was in fact to “correct” and not to avoid them.
As promised here is a quick and effective way to straighten your images in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Load the tilted image in Adobe Photoshop
Straightening horizon tutorial 1
2. Choose the measure tool
Straightening horizon tutorial 2
3. Using the measure tool draw a line on your horizon or on any other thing you know it is straight
Straightening horizon tutorial 3
4. Go to Image-> Rotate Canvas -> Arbitrary
Straightening horizon tutorial 4
5. Notice that the correct amount for the rotation is already in the box :) so there is nothing left to do but click OK
Straightening horizon tutorial 5
6. Crop your image
Straightening horizon tutorial 6

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  • Stanley Tjhie

    Wow. this make it really easy to correct my photos now. Have been using the ctrl-T method. Now it really makes me feel stupid. haha

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  • Chris

    Thank you… I always wondered how to do that in PS

  • four poster beds

    Very good. Could use some help on archetectural subjects though. Thank you very much for posting it.

  • Xubayr Mayo

    oooo coool!!!!!

  • James Cooper

    Though its a very simple trick but still mostly used task for the photo professionals. Thank you for explaining the process in such a easier way.