Hack to edit Canon EOS 400D XTi RAW in Rawshooter

As for today, the famous RAW converter Rawshooter still does support .CR2 files from the Canon EOS 400D/XTi.
If you are a Rawshooter user and own a Canon EOS 400D here is a quick hack to solve this problem.

1) Convert your .CR2 to .DNG: Download Adobe DNG converter 3.6 and convert the raw file of your Canon EOS XTi .CR2 to .DNG

2) Hack RawShooter.exe: Make sure to make a backup of your RawShooter.exe file then open the file using any Hex Editor. Find and replace each instance of ‘350D’ with ‘400D’There should be 6 instances of the text ‘350D’ and save it.
N.B:Make sure the new file has EXACTLY the same number of bytes as the original.

Well you’re pretty much done, just run the RawShooter.exe file you’ve just modified and it should be able to open all the .DNG files of your Canon EOS 400D.

Only drawback is that you won’t be able to open or edit file from a Canon EOS 350D / XT using this version of Rawshooter.exe, if you need to just use the original .exe file you’ve previously backed up, should work like a charm.

Thank you PhotoHans for the tip.

  • mz

    Doesn’t work on my copy of RSP / unable to find string.
    Version: / 1.462.272 bytes

  • mz

    Tried this trick also on versions 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 without a trace of success: string “350D”, “Rebel” or even “350” not found.

    Somewhere someone blogs that it works on v 1.0.2 – I find that hard to believe…

    Anything in particular I should be aware of?

  • ZP

    Hi guys,
    Be aware to edit the exe-program file and NOT the downloaded exe-install-file. Usefull hint on a free HEX-editor and instruction how to find and replace the ‘350D’-phrase in HEX came from http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1031
    &message=6114957 (enter as one line).

  • WimW

    I found the entries all right and I have tried to change them in various ways, but to no avail. I assume RSE uses these entries to validate the signatures in the CR2-files, where in my case it says “Canon DIGITAL REBEL XTi”. Therefore I not only tried to changed 350 into 400, but alse XT into XTi. It made a difference: instead of the message “no images found” RSE no starts with a correct index of thumbnails. However, after a short while it starts rethinking the images and changes them in blue, stripy nonsens. Apparently not only the signatures have changed in at least some versions of the 400D.

    RSE 2006 v 1.2

  • Charlie

    Works great even with my cracked version 😀 And also I replaced with 450D instead of 400D 🙂

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