More free Christmas cards templates

I have already pointed you out to some nice free Christmas cards and year 2007 calendar templates but today I found some more and I thought it would be great to share them.

Here are two shared by Conrad Birdie
Christmas card template

I love that one
Christmas card template

and yet another one share by RobertaDAchille
Christmas card template

You can download the transparent png version of that one (7 megs) from Roberta’s website.

Make sure to visit this DPReview thread since I feel there will be more adobe photoshop templates showing on during the next few hours.

  • Dear Sir’s,
    I have been asked to take photographs of couples arriving at our Christmas party this year (on a non commercial basis). The firm have also asked if the pictures could be done against a “Christmas” background. The only way I can think of doing this, is to use one of your templates…then drag my picture on to your template. I now ask you for permission to do this, and also if there will be any charge. If I am able to do it, could you send the template to me as JPEG!!
    Thanking you,
    David Cooper

  • Dear David,
    Those templates are distributed freely on the net so you can use them, you don’t need any permission and there is no charge at all

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  • These templates are awesome, thank you for your effort!