The always and never of photography

This is a compilation of the best “Always” and “Never” photography advices that were recently given on the Photography on the net photography forum.

Gear advices
Take your camera with you
Check your bag is zipped up before lifting it.
Check that you have your memory card(s) and battery before you leave home
Put the strap around your neck (or hand).

Let your equipment get you into debt
Get into the trap of buying the latest and greatest!
Leave your tripod behind

Beginner advices
check your ISO before you start shooting
Look at the whole image in your viewfinder before snapping
Think while you shoot
Believe that you have something to learn, and that you can do better.
Look for inspiration.
Check your image and histogram after taking the shot.
Remember, its the photographer not the equipment.
Speak from experience.
Anticipate the shot (if you see it, you missed it)
Endeavor to do better.
Be your worst critic.
Think that those great shots you see can come be yours with time.
Accept any comment people make about your shots.
Backup your images.

Take comments as a personal attack.
Stop improving.
Be afraid to ask!
Rely blindly on your camera’s meter. It is sometimes right, and often wrong
Get depressed looking at the great shots you see on the net
Assume you got a great shot just by the way it looks on the LCD screen.
Wait for a better shot
Say “that will do”
Stop taking pictures
Stop having fun

Professional advices
Have backup material when shooting
Show only your best work

Give away your work
Forget the fact that business needs supersede photographic wants

and at last my personal favorite

Never say “always” because there will always be an exception.
and Never say “never” because there will always be an exception.

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  • There won’t always be an exception. 😀