ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-01-25]

Gorgeous flickr round this week. Really wonderful make sure to check it 908 members (34 new) 8,174 pictures (278 new) 23 posts (0 new) 43 chosen pics

Saturday Links Fever [2009-01-24]

A very busy week in the photography blogsphere ! Flickr Collection on Getty: Why I’m Not Taking Part JMG-Galleries An articles to read if you are thinking of joining the Flickr collection on Getty images 4 Quick Portrait Photography Tips Xposure Pro It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer shooting a clients portrait session or an amateur taking pictures at a family event, birthday ...

Photographer of the week: Mike Stimpson

Today is a special feature because Mike Stimpson is not only a great photographer but he is also a Lego lover. Combining these two hobbies Mike is able to achieve wonderful pictures. Although he doesn't shoot only Lego creations, I have decided to share with you today a very special collection of his work "Classics in Lego". In Classics in Lego ...

How did you shoot this? There’s Always One

This is a guest post by Nick Wheeler. Nick is a wonderful photographer with a lot of ingeniosity in his setups and generous in his knowledge. Today he is sharing with us the setup behind his "There's Always One" picture.

Runaway Photographer

This is a guest post by a friend and fellow Lebanese Blogger Mireille Raad. Mireille is a young Geekette that see the world in her own special way and shares it with us with a lot of humor at LifeGeeked. So don't forget to pay here a visit