ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-01-25]

Gorgeous flickr round this week. Really wonderful make sure to check it 908 members (34 new) 8,174 pictures (278 new) 23 posts (0 new) 43 chosen pics No related posts.

Saturday Links Fever [2009-01-24]

A very busy week in the photography blogsphere ! Flickr Collection on Getty: Why I’m Not Taking Part JMG-Galleries An articles to read if you are thinking of joining the Flickr collection on Getty images 4 Quick Portrait Photography Tips Xposure Pro It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer shooting a clients portrait session or an amateur taking pictures at a family event, birthday ...

Photographer of the week: Mike Stimpson

Today is a special feature because Mike Stimpson is not only a great photographer but he is also a Lego lover. Combining these two hobbies Mike is able to achieve wonderful pictures. Although he doesn't shoot only Lego creations, I have decided to share with you today a very special collection of his work "Classics in Lego". In Classics in Lego ...

How did you shoot this? There’s Always One

This is a guest post by Nick Wheeler. Nick is a wonderful photographer with a lot of ingeniosity in his setups and generous in his knowledge. Today he is sharing with us the setup behind his "There's Always One" picture. No related posts.

Runaway Photographer

This is a guest post by a friend and fellow Lebanese Blogger Mireille Raad. Mireille is a young Geekette that see the world in her own special way and shares it with us with a lot of humor at LifeGeeked. So don't forget to pay here a visit No related posts.
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