My best 10+3 pictures of 2008

For the second year Jim is running this blog project inviting us to share the best pictures we took during last year.

Here was my submission for last year’s project and here are 13 pictures I took during 2008 I’m particularly proud of.


Dracula's house

No Worries (2008-08-26_30D_101-6051)

Nightmare (2008-08-27_30D_101-6063)

The note I left, the day she left (2008-08-28_30D_101-6078)

Thinking in the (lego) box (2008-09-04_30D_101-6244)

I am ready to take the road (2008-10-04_EOS 40D_100-0367-0370)

I'll Follow the sun

I still remember (2008-11-08_40D_100-1236-1238)

Thunderstorm over Beirut (2008-10-27_EOS 40D_100-0864-086)

Nameless (2008-11-13_EOS 40D_100-1431)

Morning Chill (2008-11-10_EOS 40D_100-1385v2)

2008-12-18_Canon EOS 40D_100-2489