10 Flickr features you’re missing when not using firefox

A couple of days ago I have installed the beta version of Windows 7 to give it a try and it ships with Internet Explorer 8 so I thought I should try that one too.

Without going into a browser review IE 8 looks like a nice browser with a lot of the functions similar to firefox however when I logged to flickr I understood why firefox was my browser of choice and it can be summarized in one word “Greasemonkey“.

Greasemonkey is a plugin for the Firefox that allows you to change how web-pages behave and/or look by simply installing userscripts.

Today I will share with you, in no particular order, the list of userscripts I use to customize my flickr experience.

1. Flickr image unblocker

This script removes the “spaceball.gif” blocking images on flickr that prevents you from easily saving the images you browse. I use that a lot because I like to save copies of pictures I find inspiring and would like to try to reproduce.

2. Move comment form up

Moves the comment form to directly beneath the image. Useful if you don’t like to scroll all the way down to be able to comment on a picture.

3. Multi Group Sender

Adds the much missed feature in flickr of being able to submit your picture to more than one group simultaneously.

4. Auto Page

This script removes the photo pagination when browsing a pool or a photostream, pictures are loaded automatically as you scroll down infinitely.

5. Mail Manager

Adds a bunch of useful features to your Flickr mailbox like “Mark all as “Read” “Delete New Contact Msgs” “Delete Group Invites” “Delete All Read Msgs” and “Nuke Mailbox”

6. Buddy Icon Reply

Maybe one of the most used Greasemonkey script for flikr, It adds “(reply with name, icon, icon&name)” links at each of the comments under aphoto. When you click on the link, the required code will be added into the comment box giving possibility to more personalized replies.

7. Add Referrer in comments

Adds a small text at the end of your comment saying where you come from.

8. EXIF Decorator

Shows the picture EXIF as overlay in the top left corner of the picture when you hovered over.

9. Pool Date

Show when the photo was added to the group pool. Very useful for my flickr rounds

10. All Size Plus

Replaces the regular “All Sizes” feature of flickr with a much faster one, it can also convert from html to BB code if you need. Also a script that I use extensively for the flickr rounds

Did I miss you’re favorite userscript ? Share it with us in the comments.

  • So you take people’s images without consent for your own use?


    • @Will, it is just like bookmarking them for future reference. It is jut much faster to access then finding re-loading them when you have a slow connection.

  • Thanks for the info, I’ve been looking for the buddy icon reply script. I’d like to mention that these also work in the Flock browser. I use Flock for all my photography and social media sites due to the integrated tools, such as one of the best RSS readers I’ve seen. Since its built on the Firefox engine most, but not all, plugins will work with it. As far as I know all Greasemonkey scripts will work too, all the ones you’ve listed above do.

    • @Marc Benton, Thanks for mentioning flock. I have used it in its early early versions maybe it is time now to give it another spin

  • I do have firefox installed for when I’m busy developing a website and have to check if it looks about the same in ff, IE6 & 7 and Opera. However for my everyday browsing I just don’t like ff no matter how many plugins are available. I think the base of IE is good, it just works for me. I have tried many browsers but the one I use is based on IE, it’s called Maxthon. For me (and a lot of other people) it’s just the easiest browser to use. Reading your post will not make me change, I do not spend that much time on Flickr anymore….. I should though, always good for inspiration.

    @Will: you are also taking images from Flickr when browsing it, they’re all saved in your browser cache ;-). I think the way Antoine mentioned he used the plugin is perfectly legal…

    • @libeco, I have never heard of Maxthon and I am aware that, like it or not, IE is still the most use browser on the internet and it doesn’t bother me.

      I suggest you try IE8 I think you’ll like it I sure did

      • @Antoine Khater, I heard the version in the beta of Windows 7 is even a very early version of IE8 which still has a long way to go. My brother installed Windows 7 on a netbook and it seems very nice, much better than Vista so I’m certainly going to try when it comes out.

        • @libeco, That’s the one I am talking about. It has a lot of things I was longing for like “search as you type” and Thumbnail review of all opened tabs.

          I agree windows 7 is much nicer than vista it is, as they call it, vista done right

  • I have Vista on my PC (usually I use my laptop (XP) for school) and it just doesn’t work the way I like, I feel like I can’t control what it does. The fact that Windows 7 will even run on a netbook (though not that fast) already sows me it’s much faster than Vista. And gadgets like Window Shake and dragging to either of the sides of the screen also improved the usability a lot. I still don’t know whether I will like the Dock, the classic bar at the bottom was one of the things I did always like of Windows and hate on Macs…

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  • do you know that apart from the Tutorial section on adidap.com (which I love by the way)… this is one of the most important post you have made lately.!!!!!!
    Nice job into putting those scripts in a single place. that will be my reference for more scripts to download in the future.

    Keep up the great work.


  • I’ve held off on installing Greasemonkey for quite a while now, but halfway through your post I started installing it. I’ve had 2 of the features listed here (6 & 7) thanks to the Better Flickr FF plugin, but the rest of the features listed here are definitely awesome!

    Thanks for sharing this!

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  • These are some awesome plugins, looking at the list of plugins for Greasemonkey there are alot of great additional plugins 🙂 I love it!

  • unworth

    @ Libeco I use to think like you, i don’t like fire fox and always fell IE much better that any other but right now with IE8 that cant open even the mails of yahoo and hotmail, and the fire fox 3 working so well and with so much power for making your life so much simpler I need to give my back to IE and I hope that Microsoft recover his potential because if some day I am force to buy a Mac over a PC because a operation system efficiency, Im going to have to sallow all my words

  • Great List prepared of flickr features that’s why always prefer to use firefox because of its addons and another facility of plugins.

    • @Floring Bradenton,

      I couldn’t agree more, Firefox is the way to go, and I am sure most have made the switch.

  • and if you having most list or info. please share with us via new post.

  • I’ve never used Greasemonkey but it looks like interesting set of tools. I also like firefox the most because of it’s plugins.

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  • Dude this is so awesome.

    I never heard of this thing before, but its like, the very incarnation of diy.


    Thanks a bunch

  • i use every single addon you’ve commented here for at least year 😀 (maybe less in some cases :-P)

  • I’ve been wanting something like the EXIF Decorator for ages, great!

  • I have a quick question. Not being too familiar with code …..
    When I went to one of the links to look at installing greasemonkey, there were several warnings that you must be cautious about what scripts you allow it to install… some may not be as nice as they seem.

    How does one know what the “safe” and “non safe” scripts are to add?


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  • Thanks for including all these, it’s very useful list and will make browsing Flickr even better. I’ve been using some but not all of these features.

  • Ooooh I never knew about this gonna install it now. Have you downloaded session manager its great at grouping tabs together to save, and when you computer crashes it auto saves the session. I find it so useful.

  • OMG!!! i was missing these feature of flicker because I am working on Internet Explorer. Great Post!!

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