ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-01-25]

Gorgeous flickr round this week. Really wonderful make sure to check it

1.Snaky Fence (by Yury Trofimov) 2.Untitled (by mselderhuis)
3.IMG_2635 (by gnii) 4.ThirtyOne (by Phosy)
5.1st Ave W (by RomzMT) 6.grudgingly optmistic..even just for a second... (by {tru})
7.Untitled (by the_wolf_brigade) 8.Fleur.Vita (by .Page.)
9.Beach Combing (by Steve G. Bisig) 10.Vowed (by Joe L. Scott)
11.The Duel [PhotoChallenge 2009, Day 019] (by Scott Coulter) 12.SpiderGirl (by wottheduk)
13.Little Hands (by thekreativelife) 14.Lonely Playground (by seanjonesfoto)
15.the entry (by {tribal} photography) 16.chair
17.Cameras (by rexauer) 18.Day 158 - Fear of Odd Numbers (by miriness)
19.Pablo (by azizul hadi) 20.Canale (by rgabba©)
21.Warm bond in a frosty morning (by El-Hassan) 22.Lauren (by Dr|g)
23.Going away (by Stina Stockholm) 24.22/365 (by BluebonnetPhotography)
25.reading (by xgray) 26.Alone on the Beach (by rexauer)
27.IMG_0834 (by gnii) 28.Poetry Slam (by -fritzi-)
29.365-Day 31  Garden (by AndyB88) 30.linear pattern (by sneuweger<br />
31.Day 24 - Self Portrait (by piston9) 32.Day 160 - To be yourself is all that you can do (by miriness)
33.Bahariye Caddesi Geceleri (by RobiÅŸ) 34.9910 (by Jason Hicks Photography)
35.Structures (by sneuweger<br />
[]) 36.Looking Beyond (by Ananda Niyogi)
37.Untitled (by Will Nickelson |<br />
Clueless Photog) 38.Holy Man (by Ananda Niyogi)
39.Faces of Istiklal Street - 4 (by korayko) 40.DSC_8760 (by funtimes1691)
41.Head Shot (by rfdphoto) 42.The Right Spot (by Chris Farrugia)
43.Giorno 024: Accendere (by chiassoscuro ♋)

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-01-25]
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  • sean

    Thank you for posting another of my photos (No. 14)! I feel deeply humbled by this honor! Thank you so much! Keep up the great work with the ADIDAP blog and flickr group!


  • Marius Muscalu

    43 ! wow, so many ! :)

  • Anonymous

    This is not the right way to vote for the pics… here are some very poor composition also , people are just marketing their pics and force people to vote for their pic only… is that the way for a photography competition ?? I dont think so … lol .. its just making fun of the real creativity… !!!

    • Antoine Khater

      @Anonymous, I really don’t know which pictures you didn’t like but you could have at least left a correct email or contact before criticizing others work in that manner

  • D.R.Kisku

    nice pictures !

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