ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-02-01]

Sorry folks for the delay but I had an unplanned trip to Qatar for 1 week on business and I really didn’t have the time to update during my stay.

But you guys were busy in the meantime ! This flickr round is absolutely fantastic and we have nothing less than 51 selected pictures WOW

1.Daydreaming (by cteteris) 2.Ida (by .Page.)
3.cold deep shower (by
photography) 4.This time she was snatched (by Serge Melki)
5.The Walk | 043.365 (by Stephan Geyer) 6.Day 161 - See I'm a young soul in this very strange world hoping I could learn a bit 'bout what is true and fake (by miriness)
7.L1033649 (by matthewsism) 8.Musée du Louvre 2
9.He said, She said (by davebcohen) 10.Distress (by Lady_Rhinoa)
11.passing through (by rivera´) 12.Hands (by earmerrigan)
13.Working Late Today? | Outtakes.365 (by Stephan Geyer) 14.Docks on Yahara River (by bo mackison)
15.Eye of the Needle (by LVshooter) 16.window (by xgray)
17.Old Barn (by Steve G. Bisig) 18.Day 163 - If you loved me, would you have let me go? (by miriness)
19.Untitled (by AndyB88) 20.Tête de cheval - 3 (by Frédéric Blard)
21.waiting for monsoon (by D.e.e.p.a.k) 22.traces of autumn (by Victor Bezrukov)
23.Reflection (by mrs.spoontr) 24.365/28 (by ZaysMom533)
25.Portfolio (by Marko Vesterinen) 26.Budapset pano C (by icemanuk)
27.björn krack 033b - nose model (by photography) 28.chair. (by J.A.PHOTOGRAPHY)
29.Clarita at the pool (by JaviZ) 30.Day 165 - Something always brings me back to you. (by miriness)
31.Ice Formation (by Marcus W) 32.Untitled (by Tristan Legros)
33.Becca playing (by Robin Cook designs) 34.Chiessa a Genova (by Robiş)
35.road (by denis.volk) 36.Are we clear? (by wottheduk)
37.Mi casa - su casa (by Stina Stockholm) 38.lemon-head (by {tribal} photography)
39.Street performers - Notre Dame (by saqimtiaz) 40.Werk2_IMG_1221 (by Djiezes)
41.ANPW Contest (by Jim's Photography) 42.6/365 -- Cherish (by Knit Girl2006)
43.027.365 (by tru hopes to catch up
this weekend) 44.Bob Dylan was there (by Julia's perspective)
45.write back (121/365) (by sea legs snapshots) 46.Limitless (by Karl Johnston)
47.Untitled (by the_wolf_brigade) 48.28/365 (by BluebonnetPhotography)
49.Symmetrical Portal [ 2009, Day 030] (by Scott Coulter) escher-ish chair. (by Kelly West Mars)
51.One (by hora9)