ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-02-01]

Sorry folks for the delay but I had an unplanned trip to Qatar for 1 week on business and I really didn’t have the time to update during my stay.

But you guys were busy in the meantime ! This flickr round is absolutely fantastic and we have nothing less than 51 selected pictures WOW

1.Daydreaming (by cteteris) 2.Ida (by .Page.)
3.cold deep shower (by<br />
photography) 4.This time she was snatched (by Serge Melki)
5.The Walk | 043.365 (by Stephan Geyer) 6.Day 161 - See I'm a young soul in this very strange world hoping I could learn a bit 'bout what is true and fake (by miriness)
7.L1033649 (by matthewsism) 8.Musée du Louvre 2
9.He said, She said (by davebcohen) 10.Distress (by Lady_Rhinoa)
11.passing through (by rivera´) 12.Hands (by earmerrigan)
13.Working Late Today? | Outtakes.365 (by Stephan Geyer) 14.Docks on Yahara River (by bo mackison)
15.Eye of the Needle (by LVshooter) 16.window (by xgray)
17.Old Barn (by Steve G. Bisig) 18.Day 163 - If you loved me, would you have let me go? (by miriness)
19.Untitled (by AndyB88) 20.Tête de cheval - 3 (by Frédéric Blard)
21.waiting for monsoon (by D.e.e.p.a.k) 22.traces of autumn (by Victor Bezrukov)
23.Reflection (by mrs.spoontr) 24.365/28 (by ZaysMom533)
25.Portfolio (by Marko Vesterinen) 26.Budapset pano C (by icemanuk)
27.björn krack 033b - nose model (by photography) 28.chair. (by J.A.PHOTOGRAPHY)
29.Clarita at the pool (by JaviZ) 30.Day 165 - Something always brings me back to you. (by miriness)
31.Ice Formation (by Marcus W) 32.Untitled (by Tristan Legros)
33.Becca playing (by Robin Cook designs) 34.Chiessa a Genova (by RobiÅŸ)
35.road (by denis.volk) 36.Are we clear? (by wottheduk)
37.Mi casa - su casa (by Stina Stockholm) 38.lemon-head (by {tribal} photography)
39.Street performers - Notre Dame (by saqimtiaz) 40.Werk2_IMG_1221 (by Djiezes)
41.ANPW Contest (by Jim's Photography) 42.6/365 -- Cherish (by Knit Girl2006)
43.027.365 (by tru hopes to catch up<br />
this weekend) 44.Bob Dylan was there (by Julia's perspective)
45.write back (121/365) (by sea legs snapshots) 46.Limitless (by Karl Johnston)
47.Untitled (by the_wolf_brigade) 48.28/365 (by BluebonnetPhotography)
49.Symmetrical Portal [ 2009, Day 030] (by Scott Coulter) escher-ish chair. (by Kelly West Mars)
51.One (by hora9)

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-02-01]
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