ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-02-08]

Time is running so fast and I deeply need to slow down a bit. These flickr rounds are a real treat for me and reminds me how much I missed photography

1.Pige (by Dror Pic - Photography) 2.Snow in Brighton | Smart, Bad Smart (by Yury Trofimov)
3.Callie (by Kev Stanton) 4.Icy Barn (by MeckiM@c)
5.TTV first try (by LimonVerde) 6.The Pathway | 050.365 (by Stephan Geyer [Broken Camera])
7.63.365 (by glen (gone 'til . . .)) 8.Low Tide Sunset (by Brian Auer)
9.Underneath it all (by earmerrigan) 10.daniel (by {tribal} photography)
11.SIRMIONE (by Aldo Fantarella) 12.Your place or mine? (by Bartel D)
13.Prepare for Landing (by Stephan Geyer [Broken Camera]) 14.Red (by seanjonesfoto)
15.Giorno 034: Bare Wall (by chiassoscuro ♋) 16.House on a hill (by Serge Melki)
17.Bicycle shop in al-Qaysareyah souq (by heshaaam) 18.sized_200902032328-_MG_5147 (by jgeraert)
19.Frenzy (by Brian Auer) 20.Fisherman (by ergates)
21.Dad and Sister (by Rex Auer) 22.Untitled (by Salvatore Falcone)
23.Don't U feel my shadow looks like a shadow of me? (by + H i n z) 24.35/365 (by BluebonnetPhotography)
25.eye spy (by Knit Girl (going away this week...back soon)) 26.your curl (by Victor Bezrukov)
27.Frosty (by Steph Wesolowski) 28.Sin título #16 (by Lucas Bernal)
29.Selfkeh | 054.365 (by Stephan Geyer [Broken Camera]) 30.First Class (by ★ Mathias Pastwa ★)
31.Thorns (by Erik Rozendaal) 32.Räkmacka (by Stina Stockholm)
33.Everyday, Everyday with you Every little thing you do the way you do Little darlin' in your eyes Got me all up and away You get me high. (by Kelly West Mars) 34.365/37 So unaware! (by ZaysMom533)
35.Real Love (by K100Dave) 36.Day 171 - Days swiftly come and go I'm dreaming of her. She's seeing other guys Emotions they stir (by miriness)
37.I'm sick. (by Julia's perspective) 38.LONDON (by santosh.)
39.Giorno 037: Squared (by chiassoscuro ♋) 40.Trocadero (by saqimtiaz)
41.Rouen By Night (by Amine Benboubker) 42.Tel Aviv Marina (by DenOtter73)
43.Coffee (by mcveja) 44.Paseo al medio dia (by zetas)
45.Reach For Your Star (by Defining  Beauty) 46.Over The Hills (by Pascal Hertleif)
47.Volcanic Sunset (by piston9) 48.Tattered (by photographicleigh)
49.Syasya Potraiture (by photoscandida) 50.Day 170 - Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying (by miriness)
51.Trust (by saqimtiaz) 52.Dilapidated (by hora9)
53.Last Drink (2009 Photo Challenge - Day 39) (by Gecko Photo)

  • can we vote for all of them. this is a great selection of photos.
    they are all NICE.

  • Thank you again for selecting one of my images for this round! I truly appreciate it and remain humbled by the experience. Looking at the inispring work of the other photographers here and in the Flickr group makes me want to continue to develop my skills so that, hopefully, one day, I will be able to tell a story as poignantly and beautifully as they (all of you) have…



    • @seanjonesfoto, Thank you Sean for this comment. For whatever it worth I really appreciate your work. You have you’re own style and that can’t be bad

  • Just beautiful! How can you possibly choose? They are all fantastic

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