ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-02-22]

Well it is either that I totally forgot or that the artistic level went sky high during my absence !!!

I can just say that I am excited that I will have to go over every single picture you guys uploaded to the flickr group, here is the first batch of 30.

They are really wonderful take a look


1.po 2.Bluebird

3.There is hope 4.after party II

5.With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept | 057.365 6.#121 - Wild (-244/365)

7.relaxed 8.Helping Hand

9.Cutting wood / Making Moves 10.blurry hurry

11.So Long, Lonesome | 058.365 12.24/365  how am i living.

13.Buick Century 4-door sedan 14.In Prelight Isolate | 059.365

14.scotland-275 15.Dam... That's a Lot of Water

16.Chord 17.Day 34/365

18.Heading to Work 19.prairie sky BW

20.goal 21.Black and blond going to have a bath

22.Retro Portrait of Retro Gifts

23.Goodbye Desolate Railyard | 60.36524.Waiting at Malostranska

25.... 26.La Grande-Motte, in a nutshell

27.I will be a Flower [ 2009, Day 48] 28.Bride profile

29.Simple 30.Day 52 - B&W Tree

  • These are some really beautiful photos, I really have enjoyed them thanks for sharing. I wonder are any of these public domain?

    • @Filipina Heart Blog, I agree with you that the pics are great. Some are licensed under Creative Commons but you will need to access each one alone to check.