Calling all new photography bloggers

Photo by Ricardo Navarro (Doc)

Every now and then I get an email from people with new photography/photo blogs introducing their press.

Unfortunately I cannot link to all these blogs in my Saturday Links Fever section but I do understand, and still feel, the need to be read when you are just starting.

So ladies and gents here is the deal. If you are the owner of a young photography or photo blog drop me a comment on this post with a link to your blog and a brief description and I will honor you all with a post in one week time.

And now the rules

  1. It should be a blog (no galleries for now sorry).
  2. It should be related to photography.
  3. It should be young, i.e. at most 1 year old.
  4. You don’t have to own the blog, you can link to any blog you want.


Well that’s pretty much it, so come on and don’t be shy!

  • Hi

    I started my blog a couple of months ago. It’s called “How I Took It” and I post detailed explanations of how I took and processed some of my favourite shots. I also link to other people’s photos that I really like and to useful photography and Photoshop articles on the web. You can find it at:


  • Good to see you back and thanks for the opportunity to promote our blogs. Here’s a little information on mine:

    Title – User 40.0
    URL –
    Author – Marc Benton
    Description – The site it is intended for the beginning to intermediate level digital photographer. This blog has gone through a number of redesigns (recently from Movable Type to WordPress), rebrandings and refocusings. Its taken me awhile to figure out what exactly to do with it but I’m now pretty happy with a small niche of digital photography. Look for a series soon on Photoblogging with WordPress.

    Title – PhotoBlogging DC
    Authors – Various DC metro area photographers
    Editor – Marc Benton
    URL –
    Description – Bring together and spotlight photos from some of the Washington DC and surrounding area’s talented photographers.

  • Hello,

    my German blog is all about “stock photography” and though it exists more than one year, I moved it to a new adress some month ago, so maybe that counts… 😉

    Bye, Robert

  • Here a blog with useful information and link



  • I’ll take free advertising. Thanks!

    I started this blog a few months ago because I am participating in a huge unjuried community art show and wanted somewhere attractive for people to go that took my card.

    I do a lot of travel for work and so the blog tends to document various U.S. cities. I live (close by) and work in D.C. so I frequently cover city life and other things District. If I’ve done anything different or interesting in taking or processing the images, I try to describe that in the post. If I ever become technically brilliant, I intend to share that with my reader(s).

  • Hi!

    My blog is about photography in general but more specifically about me growing my fledgling photography business and the musings that come out of that.


  • I have created a blog and I am trying to get started on it and have motivation to post more into it, This might help

    Thank you

  • to meet ‘under 1 year’ crit i can only point at my dog shots
    my longer running photoblog is
    thank you for the opportunity to mention them.
    jacek walicki

  • Thanks for this opportunity. My blog is just a few months old and is a showcase for my portraits (mostly of children, where most of my pro work comes from at this point). It is being changed to be more of a total website but that won’t launch for a few more weeks. In the meantiime, would love to have people take a look.

  • I have my photography blog at and I also have a blog for the group I started called Mississippi Photographers Showcase. We showcase all the talent in Mississippi and show interviews from photographers from any where outside of Mississippi. We also have a photo of the day that anyone can submit to!
    Thanks for your time,
    Tanya Grossie

  • I am just a beginner photographer. I set up my blog to encourage myself to take and post at least one photo a day. It is early days yet, but fun.

  • I’d love you to link my Blog – – almost 6 months old, just a place to post nice photos I took 😀


  • Kim

    What a great offering. I blog at I launched it earlier this year. It is to document my journey as a Mom wanting to pursue photography professionally.

  • Wow! Thanks for the linky love! 🙂

  • Kim

    What a great opportunity!! Thanks!! I blog at It is to document my journey as a Mom trying to turn her passion of photography into a professional business..

  • Wow. Thanks for the opportunity too. I just started blogging less than a month ago. My blog is me documenting my life as a mother and my passions – photography and all things creative.

  • G’day

    My brother and I started blogging about Traditional photography on our website that we put together. We also have a tech section where we write tech articles and reviews of film camera’s.

    We also just published a magazine on magcloud based on TLR photography.

    We have been running for about 6 months.

    Check us out.

  • I started my blog a couple of months ago, I post about what’s going on in my life and photography. I have an interview from a photographer and I’m working on adding more.

  • is a blog that covers my personal life in Belgium.

  • Well this is quite good timing as I’ve literally just launched a photography blog.

    It’s called ComposeClickEdit (over at and I’m in the middle for writing some more content for it. It will contain lots of weekly inspiration posts as well as tutorials and news.

  • Last month I celebrated 6 months of blogging. It’s been tough work, but rewarding in many ways.

    And thank you for linking to me every now and again. Much appreciated

    Oh, and welcome back! 🙂

  • Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity – very kind of you!

    I’m a photographer from Toronto, Ontario, and I just started my photography blog – – in May, 2009. I got into shooting headshots while I was at university for theatre. After graduation, I found I was more interested in taking pictures than doing shows!

    I shoot headshots, engagements, portraits and weddings, and I’m having a ton of fun with it. I launched my main website,, last summer, and it’s now in desperate need of an update, but I’m loving my new blog, so if you would include it on your list, that would be wonderful! Again, the address is


  • Hi There,

    I started my blog approx. 6-months ago and try to post most days with a brief explanation of the image I’ve taken.

    Thanks for the opportunity to gain some further exposure!

    Kind regards,
    Michael Valli

  • Hey Antoine,
    Thanks for the opportunity. I started my daily photoblog almost 6 months ago now, after wanting to do something for years. I’m forcing myself to post an image every day (Mon > Fri, taking the weekends off!), which has encouraged me to work through my back-catalogue of many unprocessed images, but more importantly has encouraged me to simply get out a take more photos. I’m absolutely loving it.
    Check it out:
    Thanks again,

  • Hi,

    Here’s my photography blog – I like to help people, pick topics that inform.

  • Hi!
    I’m just getting into the blogging world and looking for ways to get some peepers looking my way. I use the blog mainly to post sneak peaks from my sessions but am planning to venture out to other more informative posts to attract more viewers.
    Take a look-see! 🙂

  • Hey!
    My blog is a few years old but I’ve only been doing photography seriously for about a year so I hope I qualify. My blog is all about our family (we’re expats)….who we are, where we go and how we live. I’m also exploring ways to use photography and the arts to shape and transform culture. Come visit the traveling tribe.

  • Newly taking the blogplunge, and gradually focusing the intent of my first blog, I just can’t pass up this opportunity, Antoine, to link into a community built around the phrase of your blog title. When I was exposed to photography as a late teenager, I pretty much Did dream all day and night about photography. If there had Been an internet, at that time…. Oh well.
    There is, now, so..

    I am active in two local photography groups, and another online group, giving me plenty of food for thought on photography/photographers, as well as incentive to get off my own photo-butt. Blogging gives me a way to bring some of that into digest form, since typing helps me focus my thoughts.
    Fulfillment, to me, would be that I can offer something at least Helpful, if not inspirational or challenging.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I hope I’m not too late to put my own (less than a month old) photoblog on here?

    I’ve been a keen amature for some time and have been working with a bridge camera for the past year or so. I decided to start a blog to share the stories behind my favorite pictures and to share some post-processing experiments, and to eventually chart my first steps with a DSLR when that time comes.

    The url is


  • Hi! I’m probably too late to get in on your New Blogs posting, but I thought I’d throw my own name in the ring — I have JUST, within the past few weeks, started a (daily; what a task!) photography blog to display (and motivate) my work.

    Of Whimsy Photography

    I’m both shooting on my own and working with a mentor, so I hope that I end up with a lot of great posts and fun variety in my shots. It’s either that, or I totally burn out and throw my camera down a well. I guess we’ll see if I’m cut out for this work!

  • Started blogging to show friends and clients what I’m currently doing. I love to write, love photography, it’s a great marriage.
    I have a part-time photography business, still learning and steadily growing. Thanks for letting us share and for all you do for the photography business!

  • Hey- I’m a little late with this reply/ post/ comment regarding my blog. Prior to creating my blog (and signing up with flickr and pbase), I would take thousands of photos, and do nothing with them. They would sit on my computer. I printed a few, but that was a rare occurrence. So, in an effort to get myself “out there,” I created the blog to share with others (family and friends), but my primary focus was/ is to develop my photographic technique and skills via comment and suggestions from fellow photographers. Photography is a passion, but not my bread and butter, I work as a psychologist… Great job on ADIDAP!

    ~peace and be well…


  • I am a new photo blog owner, less than six months young but up and running.
    I am a journalism major from Monterrey Mexico, so get your dose of spice from my blog!

  • Hello,
    I launched my photoblog some mounths ago. I m 28 yo, photographe amator, from Morocco. Feel free to visit and comment my photoblog :

  • Hi everybody,
    This is Farshad From Tehran, IRAN. I like to introduce you my photoblog, almost in persian language:

  • Hi,

    I have seen this a little late, but in April of this year I started a blog on fine-art photography with a focus on Japanese photographers, which is my area of expertise. The blog has exhibition and book reviews, links to photographer websites, discussion pieces on big issues in photography.


  • Lawyer/photography blog. As president of the local bar association I found the only way I could get my constituents to read or at least look at my blog was to post interesting glamor pictures on it. It worked!!

  • While wondering around with my camera people kept asking me where to find my pictures. Now I started Images By Me, under

    For now there are just some images, but more images will follow and some guides and tips too.


  • It would be great if you could give my Blog a boost, less than a year old and in need of some readers. Thanks. Link given in my post as.

  • I have finally found a format for my blog which seems to be working and is helping a few. I have started to include how to demonstration videos on Photoshop. It is just a journal of my digital photography journey, I hope you get a chance to look it over.


  • Hey, thanks for the update on the criteria that you are looking into for allwoing posts from you. 

  • Mohamed Gamas

    Thanks for this opportunity.
    I invite you to visit my blog