Time to run or time to shoot? [Poll]

If encountered a risky situation with your camera at hand, would you run or would you stop and shoot ?

A long time adidap reader and friend MIR is interested to know how far would a photographer go or how much would you risk to take a picture.

So if trapped in a hurricane, fire, war or other risky situation would you first think of fleeing away or grab some picture first?

Have you already faced this choice?

What would make you run? what would make you stand and shoot? is it the money? fame? sharing and transmitting the "moment" that otherwise would be lost ? …

please share your thoughts and experiences

  • Call me dumb, but shoot! I guess it depends – if they were aiming a gun at me, probably just wet myself. But otherwise I will almost always shoot if I am alone (kids with me? Different story). I am a photo junkie – not a risk junkie, but it would take something pretty significant for me not to shoot. At the very least point the dslr (if it’s on me) at the thing and run while shooting!

    Tornado? Actually went to shoot a funnel cloud near us last year. Battery was out of camera charging. Talent huh. Too keen for the shot to check basics!

    It’s not the money – Not my motivation. I am motivated by ‘the shot’, and the thrill of the capture is what it’s about – I don’t search for risk, but I won’t run either 😀

  • if danger is not imminent, I’d try to capture a couple perspectives. obviously if the floor is crumbling or a metal beam is falling on my head i’d have to dodge and flee. Securing some level of stability/safety is necessary, I feel.

    Or, if somebody is injured i do not think i can possibly stand there and snap imagery of him/her begging for help. the only permissible condition is the injured has already been adequately aided by others.

    • louise

      i totally agreed with your post. i would like to get out of a situation while i could but if there was a brief moment in time to take a shot on different angles etc i would quickly, then again securing my safety is key and being able to take photos after a situation in the future would be great. tricky encounter.

  • I would rather run to be honest… maybe I am just not a Risky type of person, hehe. It’s better to live right? And still be able to take more photos in the future =D

    Till then,