How to watermark using Adobe Lightroom

A couple of days ago @Plus961asked on twitter if it was possible to watermark pictures using Adobe Lightroom or if there was a need to “upgrade” to Adobe Photoshop.

Having no answers for the question back then I did some research on the issue and found out that it could indeed be done with the LR2/Mogrify plugin.

Here is a highlight about what you will need to use this plugin

Forgot to say that LR2/Mogrify is donationware that means it has a “trial” version that is limited to processing 10 images at a time and you can remove this restriction by a donation.


Now some twitter love

@TimothyArmes author of LR2/Mogrify plugin

@LightRoomQueen author of the tutorial pointed above

@adidap yours truly

  • What’s the easiest way to watermark ALOT of photos at once? I took about 20 pictures the other day, and it was painstaking copy each layer from photoshop onto each photo so I could watermark them.



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  • mir

    a wild guess.. try using macros in photoshop 🙂

  • If you don’t have Adobe Lightroom (or, I presume, Apple’s Aperture), here’s an online watermarker.. not quite as quick or versatile as a batch watermarker, but perhaps faster than dragging a layer onto 20+ photos in Photoshop, I’d think.

    I’ve also seen a Photoshop action that will place a watermark at a specific location/size-percentage in a batch of different sized images. Any action can be converted to a “droplet” on your desktop onto which a batch of files could be dragged for batch processing, perhaps. A little extra web searching might find such a thing.

    Also check out:

  • Very usefull, thank you.
    I was used to do it on photoshop, it s faster with lightroom.