ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-03-22]

More great stuff from the flickr group, 39 pictures for this one.

1.cut deeply 2.Oak Leaves, Dripping

3.Your Touch Reminds Me Of Fall 4.

5.Hero's Square 6.Room With A View

7.Witness to a Civilization 8.patch

9.Rippling Pond 10.

11.1 12.crocus bud

13.I sea you. ;)  (9/52) 14.10 mar house in order.jpg

15.Disturbance. 1 16.seeing clearly

17.See you soon 18.Harvard Business School: Press Palette

19.Take a seat, any seat 20.Metropolitain

21.Blacks and bays, dapple grays, coach & six white horses. 22.The Scarlet Paradigm

23.069.365 24.Dew Ewe Like This?

25.i need some air II 26.The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.

27.Infrared from digital - first attempt 28....

29.solo coffee 30.Gone

31.Buttercup TTV 32..

33.Windmill in Marina 34.Sit A Spell

35.Self. 36.DSC_2283_full

37. 38.change in my life


  • I have just joined Flickr and someone has asked me if they can have my photo added to their group. But being new i dont know how to allow them to have this photo.
    Any helpful suggestions?