ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-03-16]

Still catching up with the missing flickr rounds. This one is rather short, but great, with 23 selected pictures

1.1 by Lucas Bernal, on Flickr" href="">Humahuaca #<a href=1" src="" width="240" height="174" /> 2.Yellow Buttercup TTV Photograph

3.Two Small Hats 4.philipsburg 1

5.Notre Dame with back garden 6.turning 8

7. 8.waiting for the show | 18.03.09

9.Shiny Bokeh 10.She said she Loves to feel .... FREE!

11.The Waters Calmed By My Camera 12.World stage

13.∂ | [Backlog] 14.1 by Lucas Bernal, on Flickr" href="">Yavi #<a href=1" src="" width="240" height="146" />

15.Sacré Coeur 16.7-Eleven

17.Contrast 18.Bench

19.Les Professionnels | 089.365 20.#152 - Draft (-213/365)

21. 22.ladders2

23.The Tenby Daffodils

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