First 10 pictures that made the flickr group icon.

Some 10 months ago my friend Tam suggested that the icon of the ADIDAP flickr group be picked from the pool itself and rotated periodically.

Ever since I have been setting the group’s icon to a picture from the pool that caught my eye. This didn’t take place according to a schedule but rather randomly and today I’d like to share with you the first 10 pictures that appeared as an icon on our flickr group.

`Pass to thy Rendezvous of Light`




The Giants


Are we clear?

Retro Portrait of Retro Gifts

solo coffee

  • Some beautiful images you have there. Some interesting post processing too. Thanks for sharing!

  • The pictures are great but it is easy to see that they had been reworked on some kind of photosops. That is not good for a picture in my opinion, because when you use that tool one there always could appear a suspicion that you are reworking all of your photos to get better effect. And the whole magic of photography is inside the real photo, and real events taken.

    • @Wyjazdy Studenckie, Actually, the second photo (the purple tinted one) is a scan straight from the slide with no post processing. The tint came from very expired film. But even the Masters used to (and still do!) manipulate their photos in the traditional darkroom 🙂

      I hadn’t realised that one of Brian as an icon! Great choice 😀