ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-04-05]

Great round this one, 45 selected pictures !! It’s been a while since we last had a round that long

1.100 Strangers on film. #51 ~ Cal J Gary, Tim, Karl & Jake 2.I Do!

3.Smile ~ 4.Awesome sky

5.13/52: theWait. bw

7.Plaça de Sant Jaume 8.

9.Mustafa 10.

11. 12.lonely letterman

13.yes this is it. the end of the beginning. 14.02 apr in the rain.jpg

15.Those eyes... 16.bicycle

17.april 18.See You, Morrigan | 100.365

19.Villain 20.#164 - Hallelujah (-201/365)

21.St.Pauls Cathedral - Mdina 22.Carnaval de Paris 2009

23.Stoned 2 24.Colorful Notes

25.Urban Curves 26.San Clemente Pier

27.A Great Day For Freedom #2 HDR's raining men. | 05.03.09

29.Fufu - Lead Guitars, Nothnegal 30.slumdogs

31.Narcissism 32.Cloud Formations

33.Iron Door 34.Buffalo-Springfield

35. 36.contrast

37.Coming Back To Life #2 38.Infrared churchyard

39.Smoke 2 40.Seeded

41.El dolor por un demócrata 42.Dead flowers day38

43.La Jolla Pier 44.Gondolier

45.New beginning !