How big is your Adobe Lightroom catalog? [Poll]

A question to all Adobe Lightroom users out there!

I am nearing 70k pictures in my Lightroom catalog and it is growing up steadily, I am very reluctant in splitting to many catalogs because I like the idea to be able to search for all my pictures in on single place.

So how big is your catalog ? Any idea what is the performance limit of Adobe Lightroom 2.x catalogs ?

I have read it is much better than the 1.x version but I am looking for real life experience.

  • Wallace

    I was watching a tutorial on The Digital Photography Connection on how to manage LR2’s catalogue just the other day. I had a 2 GB catalogue before I dumped the whole lot onto an external drive.

  • I used to have all my photos in one catalogue but started noticing performance issues because the catalogue was too big. So now I create a new one for every year.

  • I stopped using LR because of the catalog DB. it was more than 2.5GB. so dumped it and dumped using LR.

    • @esseme, My catalog, previews included, is about 15 GB. I prefer to carry with my 15gb of catalog + previews than 1 terra+ of pictures.

      The only reason I use LR is because it has the ability to cash previews of offline pictures that’s very important to me

  • I think once the Lightroom catalog and all your photo files and folders are on
    the external drive or on the new computer, your images will be instantly
    accessible anytime by simply opening Lightroom.