ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-04-12]

A real great round with 45 selected pictures for the second week April !

1.The Riverside Church of the City of New York 2.Bahamian Seasoned

3.Reflected world. 4.Abandoned

5.Washington State Temple of Justice 6.Grillage

7.Benched 8.Looking for Target

9. 10.99/365

11.i need your sunshine on me.... 12.Cherry Blossom  Branches Near the Potomac River: Blue-Pink-Aqua

13.#171 - Healthy (-194/365) 14.09 apr P O BOXED.jpg

15.Road 16.Horizon Variations | 108.365

17. 18.Accident

19.Return to the Chamber 20.Les Enfants D'anarchie | 107.365

21.See the Sea? 22.What can you see?

23.Been There, Done That 24.Steel Ribcage you can't! | 09.04.09 26.Amigo

27. 28.ghost of you | 08.03.09

29.Kitchen Aid day 42 30.\'a9 Rex Lisman-5931

31.Happy Easter! 32.Somewhere, Three Cameras are Happy (100/365 04-10-09)

33.Rekahan langit 34.wintertime love | 06.03.09


35.Humber Bridge | HDR | B&W 36.Hot Cross Buns

37.The mothership has landed 38.pepper

39.The American people never carry an umbrella. They prepare to walk in eternal sunshine. 40.gypsy lovechild.

41.A Practise in Futility 42.BWTC Abstract

43.Natural Light 44.Hot Balloon Fiesta #1

45.Wishing You Good Friday Blessings....